Discover Invisalign Options With Brooklyn Cosmetic Dental Office

Invisalign is an innovative dental technology to assist in the alignment of teeth impacted by crookedness, gaps, overbites, and mild abnormalities. It consists of a flexible clear set of aligners placed over natural teeth and worn for a prescribed period of time to achieve a straight smile. Tips from a Brooklyn NY dentist can aid in making an informed oral decision.

Most are familiar with the traditional metal braces including wires and brackets as a straightening solution. An alternative to the older alignment technique is invisalign that consists of a clear mold worn on a daily basis offering greater comfort and aesthetic appeal. A consultation and thorough oral assessment by a dentist will determine candidacy for corrective therapy.

Mild cases of misalignment, gaps, and over or underbites are supported with the clear aligners. The set must only be removed for cleaning and eating purposes. The more often it is worn, the more rapidly alignment can take place and a beautiful straight smile achieved without harsh or invasive measure.

The dental technology is preferred over traditional metal braces because it is more comfortable to wear during the alignment process. It does not involve noticeable wires and brackets across teeth responsible for chafing against soft tissues and difficulty cleaning. Brushing and flossing are important to prevent cavity and periodontal disease formation.

The clear aligner is barely visible when worn on a daily basis. Most patients prefer discreet therapy offering greater aesthetic appeal. Alignment may be achieved within a few months to a year and requires regular visits to the dentist to replace molds during the straightening procedure.

In consultation with a dentist, a custom plan for alignment can be created for healthy oral results. Innovative dental technology introduces a clear set of aligners that can be worn for straighter teeth offering comfort, appeal, and efficiency. Applying the appropriate measures can aid in determining effective solutions for oral healthcare and an attractive smile.

If you are looking for a Brooklyn NY Dentist who provides exceptional dental care with a warm, personal touch, come to Wyckoff Family Dentistry. To check out our Invisalign Options, visit us on the Web today at


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