Teeth Whitening Tips Offered By Affordable Brooklyn Cosmetic Dentist

A bright smile is recognized as one of the most attractive features. Sparkling teeth requires the correct maintenance from brushing and flossing to regular dental visits to protect from cavities, stains, and periodontal disease. Brooklyn NY affordable dentistry offers simple whitening solutions for pleasing and long lasting cosmetic results.

Brush your teeth every day with a soft bristled toothbrush and a quality toothpaste. The brush must be changed on a 3 month basis because bent and worn bristles will not provide the proper cleaning of the enamel. Include a tongue scraper to prevent against the accumulation of bacteria that could cause severe staining over time.

Reduce the consumption of dark foods and liquids such as red wine that can cause severe stains. Smoking will deteriorate the condition of your teeth and is often responsible for color changes from yellow to brown. Consume fruits and vegetables in its raw form to assist in stain removal in a natural and healthy manner.

Over the counter products including gels and pastes may relieve light stains from the enamel. It is important to exercise precaution when using substances that contain peroxide. Incorrect applications can lead to over-sensitivity and enamel damage that are difficult to manage and repair.

After the consumption of food, it is important to rinse with water as it aids in reducing the accumulation of acid. Processed, sugary foods can cause the buildup of tartar and plaque that will discolor the enamel and requires routine brushing and a professional clean for effective removal. Visiting the dentist can aid in determining underlying problems that are contributing to poor oral health and preventing one from achieving a bright white smile.

Cosmetic dentistry offers comprehensive solutions to meet with individual needs for wellness and aesthetically appealing results. This includes professional teeth whitening procedures to provide permanent lightening, veneers, and restoration methods for a beautiful smile. Visiting an experienced dental practitioner can aid in achieving the best possible oral outcome.

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