Brooklyn, NY Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Ronald Rao DDS, Provides Invisalign Solutions For Locals

Wyckoff Family Dentistry and Dr. Ronald Rao provide tools and techniques for improving dental health. Invisalign braces are just one aspect of the smile renovation methods.

PRESS RELEASE: Brooklyn NY, 11-JANUARY-2015 – Wyckoff Family Dentistry and Dr. Ronald Rao, DDS, are pleased to announce that the clinic offers a number of effective solutions for improving the appearance of the teeth and gums. One of the dental appliances that is widely used for correcting dental alignment is Invisalign. The Brooklyn NY affordable dentistry clinic is devoted to providing the latest and best methods for dental care and correction.

Invisalign is a clear plastic set of dental appliances that is able to gradually move teeth into the correct position. Unlike traditional braces, invisalign can be removed for eating and cleaning, so they are easier to keep clean and fresh. Each of the appliances are worn for approximately two weeks, as the teeth are urged into alignment.

The fitting of the braces is crucial to the success of the straightening. The dental experience and skills of Dr. Rao are brought to each patient to ensure that the results are satisfactory. As the teeth are gradually straightened, the dentist reviews the progress carefully. The progress of straightening will vary from patient to patient, but is worth the time and expense in the final result.

In addition to Invisalign braces, which are a boon to anyone self-conscious about their experience, Dr. Rao provides other types of devices to align teeth. He also provides general dentistry care including cleaning and whitening, and care for gum conditions. Good oral health habits translate into better health through the lifetime. Since patients of all age groups are accepted, better oral health is assured.

Learn more about Invisalign appliances by going to the web pages at now. Members of the press and others who have additional questions regarding the information in this press notice are encouraged to contact Dr. Rao at the location listed below.

Contact Person Name: Dr. Ronald Rao, D. D. S.

Company Name: Wyckoff Family Dentistry

Brooklyn Office Address: 106 Wyckoff Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11237

Contact Telephone Number: (718) 821-3535




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