Brooklyn Dental Professional Provides Invisalign Teeth Straightening Solutions

Straight and bright teeth are common enhancements providing aesthetic appeal and ease of cleaning. Crooked and misaligned molars can be corrected with invisalign technology that is preferred over traditional braces. Brooklyn NY affordable dentistry offers teeth straightening solutions with valuable and long lasting results for affected patients.

Invisalign is a tooth-straightening technology that includes a plastic guard placed over the teeth to assist in changing its position and appearance. The device is worn during the day and night, but removed while eating and drinking for hygiene purposes. It is more comfortable than metallic braces and is not as noticeable making for a more aesthetically pleasing result.

Patients with severe cases of misaligned teeth may not prove suitable candidates for invisalign. The particular type of braces is applied in moderate cases of crooked and poorly aligned teeth. It is a more comfortable solution and is becoming a popular alternative for those interested in achieving straighter smiles.

Metallic braces are highly noticeable leaving many adult wearers embarrassed to smile or engage with others. Invisalign is a clear mold that is placed over natural teeth and must be worn as often as possible. It is not visible, allows one to speak normally, and is considered one of the more attractive dental straightening solutions available.

The older straightening methods available often cause gum and soft tissue irritation as the metal or ceramic parts rub against the oral cavities. Clear aligners do not consist of hard pieces or sharper wiring that could cause severe discomfort. The mold is placed over teeth and is a more hygienic solution over traditional bracing.

Food and particles often become lodged in metal braces making it difficult to completely remove and may increase risk of cavities and decay. The clear aligner can be removed while consuming food and teeth easily cleaned to prevent complications from occurring later on. Invisalign technology introduces a modern, convenient, and aesthetic solution to achieve straight and functional teeth.

If you are in search of Brooklyn NY affordable dentistry that you can trust, come to Wyckoff Family Dentistry. For details on our Invisalign aligners and visiting denture services, visit us online today at


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