In Home Denture Service Offered By Brooklyn Dental Office

Dentures require a variety of procedures and maintenance, and those who are not able to leave their homes may be afraid that they have no viable options. Fortunately, there are dental professionals who provide many of the dental services and procedures that such people need, including dentures. From extractions to maintenance to repairs, a qualified dentist may be able to offer everything that people with dentures need, in their own homes.

When an individual must have dentures, the first major procedure that a Brooklyn NY affordable dentistry professional might perform is the extraction of teeth. Some people only need to have a few teeth removed from their mouths. Others must have all of their teeth extracted.

A person who only needs a few teeth extracted can be fitted for partial dentures, which are commonly referred to, by dentists and clients, as flippers. Such dentures are called flippers, because they are attached to surrounding teeth with small clips, and they can easily be flipped in and out of the mouth. Imprints of teeth may be taken before extractions are performed, so that an individual can wear partial dentures the same day that teeth are removed.

Numerous individuals must have all of their teeth removed. This is often a result of advanced gum disease, and the tooth decay that often follows such infection. In the same way that partial dentures can be given to a client on the day of removal, an immediate full set may also be supplied the day that teeth are extracted.

After a person receives dentures, regular maintenance is required, in order to be sure that they fit in the mouth as well as they should. Dentures must be periodically readjusted, which is referred to as having them relined. They may also need to be repaired, if they become cracked or broken.

The transition from having teeth to receiving dentures can be daunting, especially for those who have difficulty leaving home. There are professionals who can help such individuals. A dentist may provide services in the homes of people who are elderly and infirm.

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