Brooklyn Affordable Dentistry Assists Homebound Denture Clients

When denture patients become homebound or move to a long term care facility, their need for help with their dentures do not cease. However, the fragile nature of their other health conditions make it difficult or dangerous to transport them to a dentist. A Brooklyn NY affordable dentistry provider offers services in the home or care facility for these patients.

Dentures require special care. Even though your loved one may have had them for years, you may not have had the responsibility of caring for them. To avoid potential problems, when cleaning dentures, work over a folded towel or sink filled with water. Dropping the teeth on a hard surface can cause breakage.

Your loved one’s dentures should be brushed and rinsed on a daily basis. This helps to remove any buildup of plaque, food and stains. Do not use your normal tooth paste or a hard bristle brush as this can result in scratches. If the dentures are not being worn, they should be stored in water or cleaning solution to prevent drying out.

Health problems can affect the structure of the mouth resulting in ill fitting dentures. Without adjustments, they can cause sores to develop in the mouth and are uncomfortable for the patient. You should not attempt to adjust the dentures but call for the homebound dental care provider to make the proper adjustments.

If your loved one’s dentures are lost or broken, a replacement set should be ordered. These false teeth are necessary for proper chewing and digestion of the food. The dentist can make impressions order replacements and ensure they fit correctly in the mouth allowing the patient to remain safely at home.

A Brooklyn NY affordable dentistry provider offers care for your homebound loved one. In addition to dentures, the provider offers other types of dental care. The dentist makes the necessary house calls to ensure your family member has the best possible care.

If you would like to know more about Brooklyn NY affordable dentistry click here. For services and payment plan info, visit the Wyckoff Family Dentistry website today at


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