Learn How Brooklyn Dentist Helps Create Affordable Beautiful Smiles

A nice smile is something that can boost one’s self-esteem and improve the appearance. Those who are not born with perfect-looking teeth have several options available to help them look their best. A Brooklyn dentist can explain these choices to patients and recommend which approach would be most suitable.

If teeth are discolored naturally or stained due to smoking, it is possible to whiten them. This procedure typically involves either an at-home bleaching kit, or a peroxide-based gel activated by a laser and it can be performed in the dental office. The dentist will examine the teeth and determine if the teeth are eligible for whitening.

Another option often used to conceal various dental imperfections such as misshapen, stained, or unevenly spaced teeth are veneers. These tooth-colored shells are made of porcelain or similar material and are fitted over the surface of the teeth to effectively cover the original dentition. Crowns may be used as well, these are similar to veneers except that they are placed on the biting surface of a tooth which has become damaged or disfigured rather than the front.

If there are missing teeth, dental implants may be used to replace them. These are artificial teeth attached to titanium posts that are actually installed in the jaw surgically to act as tooth roots. They are ideal for people who do not require a full set of dentures and only have one or two spaces with no teeth.

Teeth which are not shaped or spaced properly, can be corrected through enamel shaping or bonding. The former is done by filing down excess enamel, and the latter involves applying a tooth-colored composite to the affected tooth and hardening it using a special light. Bonding is effective to repair damaged teeth and can even be used to close small spaces.

In cases of malocclusion, where the teeth and jaws do not line up properly or there are excessive spaces between teeth, orthodontics may be recommended. A knowledgeable Brooklyn dentist will assess each patient thoroughly and decide which approach is necessary to give him or her the smile they want. Many of these professionals also offer convenient payment options to their patients, making it affordable for all.

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