Brooklyn Cosmetic Dentist Provides Dental Implant Services

A smile is a lovely gift to bestow to others and be bestowed with. Unfortunately, some people keep theirs hidden because they feel self conscious about the state of their teeth. The good news is that the appearance of the teeth can be improved. This is exactly what one leading Brooklyn dentist does for those with teeth that are damaged in one way or another.

The dentist does this using dental implants. This is an artificial tooth root that is placed inside the jaw. It acts as a support for a replacement tooth or a bridge. They are a good option for those with missing teeth to periodontal disease, trauma such as a blow or injury or any other reason.

Implants are of two types. One is endosteal which is done in the bone and the other is subperiosteal which is on the bone. Endosteal implants are the most prevalent. It includes having supports like crews surgically inserted into the jawbone with every implant holding down one or more prosthetic teeth. This typed is typically used as an option for patients who have bridges or the kind of dentures that are removable.

Subperiosteal implants are done over of the jaw. The metallic framework goes through the gum to keep a grip on the prosthesis. This is done for patients who cannot have conventional dentures done and who have limited bone height.

You are an ideal candidate for implants of you are generally in good physical health and who have no other dental problem. There also has to be enough bone in the jaw to support the implant. Ideal candidates also have healthy gum tissues that are free of gum disease like periodontal disease.

Implants can be done to replace a single tooth where one implant and one crown are used to replace it. They can also be done for several teeth where a full bridge or full denture is used to replace them with the support of an implant. If all the teeth are missing, the Brooklyn dentist will replace them all using the same approach of an implant supported full bridge or full denture.

Find a review of the benefits you get when you use the services of a Brooklyn dentist and more information about an experienced dental professional at now.


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