Brooklyn, NY Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Ronald Rao DDS, Offers Dental Care For Adults And Children

Brooklyn Dentist, Dr. Ronald Rao, DDS, provides children and adults the care and education needed to achieve and maintain beautiful, straight teeth. The doctor uses the most advanced equipment and methods available to ensure that patients receive beautiful smiles that will enhance their confidence and last indefinitely.

PRESS RELEASE: Brooklyn, NY, 9-JUL-2012 – Brooklyn dentist, Dr. Ronald Rao, DDS, offers dental care that ensures individuals of any age enjoy healthy, beautiful teeth indefinitely. Dr. Rao employs the use of advanced technology, equipment and methods equipment to provide the effective and long-term results that will keep gums and teeth healthy and address issues with crooked teeth.

During an interview recently, Dr. Rao stated, “I enjoy my ability to help children and adults achieve more beautiful smiles and maintain healthy teeth. My staff and I are continually enhancing our ability to use the latest technology and techniques to ensure that we are able to offer the solutions for dental issues that will meet the needs of our patients. We are dedicated to our patients and it is important to us that patients receive the highest levels of customer service. Building long-term relationships with our patients is an important goal.”

When a patient visits the office initially, Dr. Rao performs a thorough examination and x-rays will be taken to identify any problems that need immediate attention. Dr. Rao asks question about individual’s dental care history as well as their medical history, medications they may be taking, or have taken and their goals for their teeth. Dr. Rao will also discuss any issues such as headaches, TMJ or misalignments of the jaw that should be addressed during care.

After evaluating all of the information the doctor will provide the patient with options for care that will result in the healthy, beautiful smile desired. He will also explain any preparatory work that must be done prior to the application of bonding or other materials and discuss the expected length of time for completion and estimates for the cost of the work.

To get more information about the dental care offered by Brooklyn dentist, Dr. Ronald Rao, DDS, visit today. Individuals and members of the press wishing to get more details about this press release will find contact information below.

Dr. Ronald Rao, DDS

Wyckoff Family Dentistry

106 Wyckoff Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11237

Telephone: (718) 821-3535



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