Brooklyn, NY Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Ronald Rao DDS, Provides Esthetic Smile Make-Overs

Dr. Ronald Rao, DDS has been recognized as the Brooklyn Dentist who provides the care needed to give individuals of all ages beautiful smiles. The doctor uses the most advanced technology, methods and procedures to perform smile make-overs that will increase self-esteem and give an individual the lasting beauty they want.

PRESS RELEASE: Brooklyn, NY, 26-MAR-2012 – Dr. Ronald Rao, DDS, has been recognized for his success in providing the smile make-overs that give individuals the beautiful smile they want. The Brooklyn dentist uses the latest procedures and techniques to ensure that the procedures performed have the lasting effects that are easy to maintain indefinitely. Dr. Rao provides the individualized programs for dental care that addresses the issues that are contributing to the problem with the smile and educates patients so that they can become more active participants in maintaining their smile once procedures have been completed.

When interviewed recently Dr. Rao shared his commitment to achieve the greatest results for patients. “Many people who have imperfect teeth suffer from self-esteem issues and may have physical issues as a result of their poor teeth. I work very closely with my patients to make sure that once we have achieved a beautiful smile that they can take the steps needed to maintain their dental health. It is very important to me to provide patients with the care that will make them confident in developing a long-term relationship with me.”

During the initial consultation Dr. Rao conducts a complete examination and takes x-rays to determine any issues that should be addressed before any procedures are implemented. He will discuss the patient’s goals and budget for their smile as well as review the past history of the patient and ask questions about any procedures that have been done previously.

After reviewing all of the information, the doctor will provide options to the patient and explain each procedure in depth so that the patient can make a knowledgeable decision about what option they will select. The doctor will answer any questions the patient may have, give a detailed estimate for the cost of the procedures and discuss the estimated time frame for attainment of the goal.

To get more information about the methods used by Dr. Ronald Rao, DDS, the Brooklyn Dentist that provides patients with aesthetic smile make-overs visit today. Individuals and members of the press wishing to get complete details about this press release will find contact information below.

Dr. Ronald Rao, DDS

106 Wyckoff Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11237

Telephone: (718) 821-3535



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