Brooklyn, NY Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Ronald Rao, DDS Treats Adults And Children

Dr. Ronald Rao, DDS, the Brooklyn dentist, provides care to adults and children that give them the beautiful smiles they want indefinitely. The doctor develops plans that proactively address the issues so that major problems do not result in painful or damaged teeth. The doctor also offers patients the options for achieving dental goals and educates patients so that they can make knowledgeable decisions about the care they choose.

PRESS RELEASE: Brooklyn, NY, 6-MAR-2012 – Dr. Ronald Rao, DDS, the Brooklyn dentist, provides complete dentistry and cosmetic care to adults and children. The doctor is focused on assuring that patients receive the education, training, and care that is needed to ensure they will enjoy beautiful and healthy teeth indefinitely.

When interviewed recently Dr. Rao shared that the focus of his practice is on developing trust and confidence with patients of all ages. “I completely understand that many people are extremely anxious when they consider visiting a dentist and may wait until they are experiencing severe pain before they will make an appointment. This is one of the reasons that I am dedicated to making sure that my patients feel relaxed, comfortable, and do not experience pain when they visit me. My goal is to create long-term relationships with my patients so that we can prevent many of the issues that would become severe problems without early intervention. My knowledge of stress reduction and relaxation techniques makes it possible for patients to begin enjoying their regular visits and allows them to enjoy beautiful and healthy teeth indefinitely.”

During the initial visit Dr. Rao talks to the patient about their past dental and medical history. He makes sure that new patients feel comfortable in the office and explains each step of the dental examination, equipment, and procedures that are taking place. After completing the examination and taking x-rays, the doctor will create a care plan that addresses any immediate problems and develops a long-term program to ensure that the goals of the patient are achieved.

To get more information about the methods and techniques used by Dr. Ronald Rao, DDS, Brooklyn dentist to care for adults and children, visit today. Individuals and members of the press wishing more details regarding this press release will find contact information below.

Dr. Ronald Rao, DDS

Wyckoff Family Dentistry

106 Wyckoff Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11237

Telephone: (718) 821-3535



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